Thank You

We, the Residents of The River Plantation, offer our heartfelt thanks to all those who stood ready to help us in our time of need.

Until one has been the recipient of such generous aid in dire times, it is difficult to understand how this assistance changes one.

To know that there are people ready to stand up and lend a hand, and give of themselves to help, swells and gladdens the hearts of the recipients in a profound and permanent way. In this way, these good deeds do even more than what is obvious and apparent; by changing the hearts of others, they change the very world itself and make it a better place for everyone.

So, to those who came or offered to come, whether in uniform or civilian clothes, either as pure volunteers or as those who worked beyond their job requirements,

we thank you.

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This site is for and about The River Plantation residential area between Mayflower and Palarm, Arkansas. This site is maintained by the River Plantation Property Owners Association for the general benefit of the residents and prospective residents of  The River Plantation.  We hope you will return soon.